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4 Paws Mobile Spa - Household & Homeware Products for Christmas and Beyond

We’re starting to look forward to the approaching Christmas season – for us, it is all about spending this time with family and friends, including all our four-legged companions. Let’s be honest, pets are a huge part of our lives, part of the holiday festivities – and they definitely deserve a little holiday cheer! So we’re starting to think about how to create a more festive atmosphere with ideas that will help your pets, family, guests, and maybe even yourself, start to get into that seasonal spirit – at home or at the in-laws!

A great source of inspiration for Christmas gifts is the wide range of dog and cat focused homeware and household products available on the market. These are perfect gifts for family and friends - but maybe also for yourself and your own pets!

And if you're looking for unique pet products to add to your dog or cat's Christmas wish list, look no further than these ideas that will make your kitty or pup the talk of the town…or at least your Christmas dinner!

1) Mutts & Hounds Ceramics Dog Bowl in French Grey

Let’s start with a classic, go-to gift. Not only does it look pretty under the tree, wrapped with a bow, but your dog will love it too! The French grey colour gives a stunning contemporary finish, while the embossed bones remind you to get that food topped up immediately! Microwave and dishwasher safe, made of durable ceramics right here in jolly ole’ England.

2) Mutts & Hounds Biscuit Tea Towel

If you know a dog lover who loves to cook, this gift is a classic from our friends at Mutts & Hounds and makes the perfect gift for them. This beautiful tea towel is made of 100% cotton, so it’s highly absorbent, durable and easy to clean. The screen printing on the front features Mutts & Hounds’ signature dog patterns, including different breeds on a ‘biscuit’ colour background. What a kitchen staple – and hopefully not a kitchen toy!

3) Purrfect Mug

Looking for a purr-fect solution? It's time to put the kettle on and choose our cat crazy mug! With its subtle but unique design, this will quickly become your favourite tea-time partner – second next to your cat, obviously. Don't worry if you're a dog person; it can make the perfect gift for all coffee and tea lovers, especially those who live with cats! It's made of ceramic and has a sturdy handle that won't break easily if accidentally knocked over.

4) Dalmatian Coasters

And onto protecting our coffee tables, let these dalmatians do their job properly while you’re enjoying your midday brew or, hopefully, Christmas quiet-time (we can dream, can’t we?). These luxury coasters are made of a heatproof and sustainable material – gentle to your furniture and the environment too! They are perfect for gifting. Choose from our wide selection of various types of breed patterns, such as terriers or labradors.

5) Metal Cat Treats Storage Tin

If you are like us, we never seem to find the cat treats when they are needed. This stylish tin can be just the right solution for that. Store all your cat's biscuits, Dreamies, creamy desserts or make a permanent home to their dry food in this stylish storage box. At home on a shelf, on a counter or in the pantry, with its ergonomic closing, cat food, treats or supplements will always stay fresh and secure. The hardest part is remembering to refill it!

6) The Dog Father Mug

Dog dads, attention! 4 Paws Boutique has a special treat for you! This ‘fur ever’ classic cannot be missing from any dog-related mug collection. Don’t worry, we’ve all been there… Allow yourself to be charmed by this playful and fun china mug. We know you secretly want it too!

7) Mutts & Hounds Dog Tags

These tongues (firmly) in cheek tags can help your pet ‘communicate’ to family & friends visiting over the Christmas period. Choose from a selection of fun and quirky messages - Is your dog lazy? Food obsessed? Walkies wild? Then make sure to gift this tag and pass his or her message loud and clear! These precious metal tags were created with a vintage finish resulting in a beautiful antique appearance. It doesn't require maintenance as they are made from 100% solid pewter, helping to stay in their original condition without bending, distortion or discolouring. Make your dog stand out of the crowd!

There are a lot of pet-themed products out there designed to make your pet, and your home, more stylish, more you – and more festive! Drop by the shop or order online – we have a broad range of gift-worthy quality products to add to your, or someone else’s, pet household. As pet owners, we are sure that you love to express your admiration for either dogs or cats, or there's a special someone in your life who would love to receive something exclusive and thoughtful.

However, our list of pet household products is limited; we hope to help you find everything you need this Christmas. If you're interested in learning more about our products, please get in touch today!


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