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Our Cat Spas

Although cats are naturally good groomers, sometimes they need some help. Short haired cats shed just as much, if not more, than long haired cats. Brushing and combing regularly can also reduce hairballs caused by the cat swallowing hair. Long haired cats can get tangles which can turn into tight, painful matts. These matts are difficult to brush out.


With patience and special techniques, we can help to remove matts and groom your cat. We don’t use drugs, sedatives or anaesthetics.


Your cat is groomed in a calming, relaxed, cat friendly environment, with low stress handling. The treatments take place in a mobile Cat Spa outside your home.


We tailor each treatment to suit you and your cat. We only use the highest quality shampoos and products designed specially for cats.

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Maintenance Spa

Suitable for long or short haired cats. This Full Groom including the removal of dead hair, a dry shampoo, deodorising or detangle spray.



Wet Spa

A Full Groom followed by a wet shampoo, bath and dry.



Comfort Spa

The Comfort Spa is designed for cats with some matting. It includes a Full Groom, including the removal of matts by clipping followed by a dry shampoo and a deodorising or detangle spray.



Lion Spa

This includes clipping the full coat in a ‘lion’ or ‘teddy bear’ style. We can offer different lengths depending on how severely matted your cat is. A dry shampoo or deodorising spray is also included.



Hygiene Spa

A Full Groom, including a full clip around the bikini area, a dry shampoo and a deodorising or detangle spray.


The Area We Cover

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