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Our Dog Spas

Every treatment is a totally caring, personalised experience. We offer a wide range of treatments for your dog - please choose from the options below.


Appointments are available Monday to Friday at your home or work.


Please contact us to book your treatment - we advise booking well in advance. If your pet has any medical issues please let us know so that we can take this into consideration when they visit the spa.


We are happy to use medicated shampoos or apply any products your vet has prescribed. We are also happy to give tablets or administer medication prescribed by your vet. For pets where sedation is needed, we can work alongside your vet. To see which areas we cover click here.


hydrotherpay dog spa

Hydotherapy Spa

This includes grooming out dead hair, a hydrotherapy bath with a shampoo specific to your dogs needs followed by a coat conditioning spray. This spa treatment also includes a nail clip and ear clean.



Puppy Dog Spa

Puppy Groom

Your puppy will be cared for and introduced to being groomed, handled and bathed so that your puppy thoroughly enjoys the experience. We will check nails and ears and also give puppy’s teeth a little rub over with a puppy toothbrush.

Full Pamper Dog Spa

Full Pamper Spa

In addition to everything included in the Hydrotherapy Spa this also includes a full style haircut or breed clip to your requirements to leave your dog looking its best..



Senior Dog Spa

Special Senior Spa

Your senior pet will be cared for in order that no undue pressure is put on their joints. Particular care will be taken to make the experience as stress free as possible. We will tailor the spa treatment individually to suit your senior pet.


Nail Clip Dogs

Paw Balm

Conditions and protects the pads from chaffing and drying out.




Dental Hygiene

Teeth clean and breath freshener helps to reduce  plaque and tartar. One-off treatment.



Dog Facial Scrub Spa

Facial Scrub

A natural oatmeal and blueberry exfoliator removing dirt and tear stains.



Flea treatment for dogs

Flea Treatment

We can use flea repellant shampoo should your dog need it.



The Area We Cover

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