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Our Cat Spa - every treatment is a totally caring, personalised experience

Although cats are good groomers, sometimes they need some help. Short haired cats shed just as much, if not more, than long haired cats. Brushing and combing regularly can also reduce hairballs caused by the cat swallowing hair.

Longhaired cats can get tangles and turn into tight, painful matts. These matts are difficult to get out.

With patience and special techniques, we can help to remove matts and groom your cat.

All our cat groomers are veterinary nurses.

We don’t use drugs, sedatives or anaesthetics.

Your cat is groomed in a calming, relaxed, cat friendly environment, with low stress handling.

The treatments take place in a mobile Cat Spa outside your home.

We tailor make each treatment to suit you and your cat.

Appointments are available Mon - Sat… to see a map of the area we cover please click here.

Some of the treatments available are as follows:

Maintenance Spa - for long or short haired cats

Full Groom including the removal of dead hair, a dry shampoo, deodorising spray, or detangle spray.

Maintenance Spa

Comfort Spa - for cats with some matting

Full Groom, including the removal of matts by clipping, a dry shampoo, deodorising spray, or detangle spray.

Comfort Spa

Hygiene Spa - for the bikini area

Full Groom including clipping around the bikini area, a dry shampoo, deodorising spray, or detangle spray.

Hygiene Spa

Wet Spa - a full bath

Full Groom including a wet shampoo bath and dry.

Wet Spa

Lion Spa - full body clip

This includes clipping the full coat ‘lion’ or ‘teddy bear’ style, we can offer different lengths depending on how severe the matting is, also a dry shampoo or deodorising spray.

Lion Spa

Prices - all treatments are tailor made to suit you

Maintenance Spa – from £45

Comfort Spa – from £50

Hygiene Spa – from £50

Wet Spa – from £55

Lion Clip / Teddy Bear Clip – from £60

Prices depending on size of cat and coat condition – please see out Terms And Conditions

All our prices include VAT


We use the highest quality shampoos and products which are specifically designed for cats.

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Testimonials - read what our customers have to say about us...

“Thank you for arranging for Caroline to come on Saturday. She was lovely and very kind about my diva of a cat. The lion cut looks awesome!!!”

Mrs O, - Farnham, Surrey

“Just had to drop you a line with a GREAT BIG THANK YOU. Eric was groomed yesterday and oh boy he looks great. Wish we had found you before as there is no stress on either Eric or ourselves.”

Mrs L, - Sutton, Surrey

“Thank you for such patience today. Bailey is already whooshing around the house just like a kitten & seems much more happy.”

Mrs K, - Haywards Heath, West Sussex

“Flo is most definitely feeling happier! I don’t know what got into her last night, she was running around like a mad cat! Absolutely full of beans - poor Tilda didn’t know whether she was coming or going, she was being attacked from all angles bless her! So we were wondering if you could glue the mats back on as she’s too hectic! Ha! But on a serious note, thank you so much, she was clearly really unhappy before because she had been hiding herself away in the evenings upstairs on her own and not really wanting to play or anything.”

Mrs S, - Cranleigh, Surrey

“My domestic long hair cat is a rescue and can be quite nervous. Her long hair was too much for her to manage so I asked for your help and am so glad I did. Caroline was lovely and did such a great job. Will definitely book again”

Ms J, - Worthing, West Sussex

“Thank you so much, they are both so affectionate now… I was so worried, you are brilliant… They are so different and settled now xxx”

Mrs H, - Staines, Middx

“Just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful job you did on Cee Cee this morning. She looks fantastic and we are really pleased with what you have done”

Mrs C, - Walton on Thames, Surrey

“Just a quick message to say a huge thank you to Emma who came to groom Fred today. She was absolutely brilliant and Fred has never been happier”

Mrs V, - Tadworth, Surrey

“I just want to say a huge thankyou to Emma who came yesterday to groom Thomas. We were badly let down by another groomer who we will not contact again. He returned from the van totally calm and happy. He is much loved by us and we were so distressed that he had got into such a state un-noticed by us until it was beyond our abilities. Thankyou again, we will be in touch when we need you”

Mrs W, - Horsham, West Sussex

“I’d just like to thank Emma for sorting out our long haired and extremely matted cat Saffie yesterday. She looks so much better and is much more comfortable. Thanks again

Ms H, - Ashtead, Surrey

“Thank you for doing a super job on my old boys knots and fur balls on Friday He is looking so much better & seems much happier now that I am not chasing him round the house with a brush . The service we received was excellent , I will highly recommend your services “

Mrs C, - Woking, Surrey

“Good evening, I just wanted to drop a quick email to you to say thank you so much for coming today, Emma did a top notch job on Juno. The lion cut looks great, and I think Juno feels alot better, her walk is even quite cocky! We will definitely be using you again.”

Mrs K, - Brighton, East Sussex

“Would like to say a big thankyou to Emma for sorting Daphne out she looks fantastic no more matted posterior !! Lol”

Mrs R, - Banstead, Surrey

“Just wanted to say a really big thank you to Emma who visited me this morning and turned a totally matted and miserable rescue cat, in to a happy and healthy looking lioness! What a fantastic clip she carried out and what a kind and knowledgeable lady to speak with. Will I recommend you to others? I most certainly will. Please thank Emma personally for me.”

Mrs G, - Maidenbower, West Sussex

“Please thank Emma, for her excellent work today with Moomin. We are delighted and the cat seems happy too.”

Mrs R, - Kingston, Surrey

“Lucy did a wonderful job on Moppet, she looks very smart and having all that bulky under fur removed makes her look very sleek. Lucy was very sweet with her but said the only problem was that all she wanted to do was roll around and play! I will certainly have her groomed again with you Kind regards and purrs”

Mrs G, - Walton on Thames, Surrey

“I just wanted to drop you a quick email to say a very big thank you to the lovely lady who came out to give Chester his lion cut last Thursday. Chester is not an easy cat to groom and I think even with a sedative he proved to be a challenge! However, the lady concerned was extremely professional and perservered with Chester and presented us with a lovely sleek cat minus the matted fur and knots. Please pass on our thanks. Chester is alot happier and we all appreciate his lovely new look.”

Mrs D, - Woking, Surrey

“Just a thank you for the excellent groom and service for my Persian rescue cat Rupert. He has had bad experiences with groomers in the past. This time he was happy and looks great. Thank you so much. Will definitely use you again “

Mrs M, - Bedfont, Middx